The nation’s top state agriculture officials have offered the federal government a new proposal, called “Meat the Need,” to help the nation’s embattled dairy and pork farmers.

“The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture has proposed a plan to take extra dairy and pork supplies off the market, bringing up prices paid to producers,” said North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. “These commodities will then be available through a supplemental food assistance program to people who cannot afford it.”

Goehring, who attended NASDA’s annual meeting in Montgomery, AL, said Meat the Need calls for the federal government to purchase up to three installments of 100 million pounds of pork products over 180 days until a target price of 49 cents per pound is reached.”

Goehring said the purchased dairy and pork products would be distributed to food banks, school lunch programs and a new SNAP PLUS program, as well as into foreign military food assistance.

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Source: North Dakota Ag Connection