DeKalb Choice Genetics announced the completion of a physical map covering the entire swine genome. This is the first time this level of genetic information has been mapped for the whole genome of a livestock species.

The physical map will enable researchers to advance genetic progress in traditional swine breeding at a much faster rate than was previously possible. DeKalb will use the map in coordination with its current genomics program to accelerate genetic improvements.

A genome map of this type enables scientists to take specific sections of DNA and study them in great detail, determining how variation in that DNA contributes to differences in animal performance. The majority of DNA sequence is identical, but small differences in DNA sequence between individual animals can be responsible for important characteristic differences.

DeKalb will focus its product development on key traits using a combination of quantitative genetics and genomics. The swine genome physical map aids in this process by assisting scientists in the identification of genes and genetic markers already present in swine.

From a DeKalb Choice Genetics release