PIC announced the acquisition of Cotswold Swine Genetics of North America.

Cotswold Genetics has been an active participant in the swine breeding stock arena in both the United States and Canada for many years. The company has had a competitive genetic program and a quality health management infrastructure.

It is planned that the companies’ products will coexist for the forseeable future. The two companies utilize many of the same technological tools and applications in assessing genetic improvement and predicted performance indicators.

Now, PIC will begin to explore and further understand the potential genetic and product development possibilities, as seven distinct lines will be added to the stable 17 pure lines that PIC currently maintains. Additionally, there will be an examination of genetic modeling between the two companies’ products, and such results could spark other product or marker technology offerings.

Cotswold customers can expect to see some familiar faces while having access to additional technical resources, ranging from feeding and management to effective gilt development techniques in an effort to help their products perform more efficiently within their systems.