Alltech global animal health company has awarded Jim Pettigrew with the company’s Medal of Excellence. Pettigrew is a professor of animal science at the University of Illinois.

The award is Alltech’s highest honor given annually to a scientist completing innovative work in a particular field. Pettigrew earned the Medal of Excellence for his insight into and recognition of cutting-edge technologies leading to the advancement of swine nutrition globally.

The award was presented at Alltech’s 26th Annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium
“It is truly an honor for me to receive this Medal of Excellence from Alltech, a company joined in the effort to produce enough food,” said Pettigrew. “One of the grand challenges of the coming decades will be to produce enough food to satisfy a world with a rapidly increasing appetite. As in the past, we will succeed in that challenge to the extent we make the investments and take the creative actions necessary for success.”
“Having travelled extensively, Professor Jim Pettigrew has firsthand experience of the challenges that face our world as we struggle to provide safe food for a growing population. Professor Pettigrew has produced pioneering solutions looking at how the food producing industry can reduce its dependence on grains, corn and soya diets and instead utilize alternative materials as a viable diet for protein production,” said Pearse Lyons, Alltech president and founder.
After receiving the award, Pettigrew made predictions on the future of global hunger, saying “to address the problem of hunger, we must also address the problem of poverty.” He also said that recognizing the challenge and becoming innovative with fixing the problem are the first two steps. After that we must make some investments and target small land owners, who are the gate keepers to our global food production.

Source: Alltech