People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is at it again. This time the activists are calling on the eight employees at a ConAgra pork-processing plant to share some of thier record $365 million Powerball jackpot. PETA contends that since the employees and can now live their lives high on the hog that they should use a little bit of their good fortune to make life a bit better for pigs, whose bodies have provided their livelihood.

In a letter to the winners, PETA urges that: “a tiny fraction of their fortunes be used to care for one or more pigs that are rescued from a slaughterhouse or a 4-H project when kids realize that they can’t give up their pet to the knife or to spread the word about PETA’s undercover investigations of pig beatings and other instances of cruelty to pigs in factory farms and slaughterhouses.”

"The Powerball winners have the luxury of leaving their dirty work behind," says Bruce Friedrich, PETA’s director of farmed-animal campaigns. "We hope that they will help pigs get a few more square feet of living space or be allowed to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on their backs for the first time in these animals’ lives."

You can get more information on PETA’s Web site at A copy of PETA’s letter to the winners is available upon request.

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