Another new video from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals hit the air waves on Wednesday. It shows workers at an Aviagen Turkeys poultry-breeding operation abusing live birds. The video was posted on PETA's We site.

In its regular mode of operation, PETA sent an undercover worker into several Aviagen operations in West Virginia between September and November of this year. The video shows Aviagen employees breaking turkey's necks and stomping on their heads while the birds were still alive. PETA also alleges that a supervisor saw workers kill 450 turkeys using two-by-fours.

Aviagen representatives told the New York Times that they "condemn the abuse of any of the animals in our care and will take swift action to address these issues." The company promised to pursue investigations that could eventually lead to termination of the employees in the video. PETA proposes a seven-point, animal-welfare plan for turkey production, and wants to see more growers adopt it.

The timing of the video's release is of little surprise with Thanksgiving just around the corner. PETA typically seeks publicity this time of year to make people question their turkey consumption choices.

Source: PETA,