People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has posted another video related to the Bayard, Iowa, farm. This is the same farm that in mid-September, PETA released a video showing workers abusing pigs. The video was shot over a three-month period as undercover PETA members worked at the farm this summer.

PETA officials report that the new video, posted on its Web site, shows a site manager shocking and kicking a pig in an effort to make the animal stand. They say that is was recorded the day after an undercover PETA representative reported abuse at the farm.

The Iowa hog farm was purchased by MowMar farms, which took ownership in mid-August.

According to a PETA report, the activist group made a phone call to the farm this week to confir whether the manager was still employed there.

In a statement released Tuesday, MowMar officials said they "remain committed to [a] 'zero-tolerance policy' with respect to the mistreatment or abuse of farm animals" and that "investigations into past animal mistreatment are well underway and have already resulted in personnel and policy changes." The statement also detailed various steps MowMar has committed to take to correct problems at the farm.

The farm ships market hogs to Hormel, which PETA has publicly tied to the animal treatment debacle. In a statement, Julie Craven, Hormel's vice president of corporate communications, said that while the company found the abuse on the video "completely unacceptable," it was "appalled" that PETA did not release all the video footage immediately.

"If PETA is truly concerned about animal welfare, they should release information when they obtain it," Craven said. "We are working with our entire supply chain to ensure proper animal-handling procedures are always taking place. We will continue this important practice going forward."