A KFC manager turned the tables on a group of PETA protestors. The manager turned the sprinklers on full blast to soak the protestors standing by the curb near the restaurant. The animal rights activists were protesting for more humane methods of killing chickens.

The protesters, including one in a chicken suit, also got another surprise when a man followed them with a microphone that said he eats beef. "You're not going to win, not in Brownsville,'' the man shouted at the protesters. His stepchildren passed out anti-PETA pamphlets to stopped drivers at a busy intersection.

The PETA members continued to protest, but seemed a bit surprised by the negative reaction.

"It hasn't been quite like this in other parts of the state,'' says Chris Link, PETA's campaign coordinator, who is traveling to protest KFC in 12 Texas cities. "It's a rarity that we get this.''

Associated Press