Last week the American Veterinary Medical Association held its annual convention in Seattle, which, predictably, drew a protest from PETA. Specifically, PETA wanted the vets to cancel a salmon-tossing exhibition by the popular Pike Place Market fishmongers. But when the veterinarians declined to cancel the event, the activists staged a protest on the sidewalk outside.

PETA demonstrators donned fish tails and shimmery paint to call attention to what they say is the vet group's disrespect for marine life. Some lay topless on the sidewalk and others carried signs that said things like "Gutted Alive."

The PETA/AVMA scrape got the attention of a Seattle-based radio host Ken Schram who, in the past, admits contributing money to the PETA cause. He now says he is “done with PETA,” claiming their “underlying agenda” is that they don’t "like the way that fish come to be served for us humans.”

“I pledge to eat fish for dinner every night this week,” the radio host claims. “As for PETA, it’ll never see a penny of mine again.”

Veterinarians told the local media the fish-throwing demonstration is a team-building exercise to help others in their field, and they see nothing wrong with it. "I think it's important to point out that the fish are dead. We would not condone any activity that would mistreat live fish," said Ron DeHaven of the AVMA.