The Pennsylvania Game Commission has taken action to eradicate feral swine in the state. The commission issued an order removing protection granted feral swine in 64 of the state''s 67 counties. Trapping efforts will continue in three state counties.

According to the PGC, feral swine can cause tremendous damage to habitat and property, and pose a real threat to wildlife and the biosecurity of the state''s multi-million-dollar pork industry. The action pleased the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who has been monitoring the problems caused by feral swine for years.

"Pennsylvania farmers are deeply concerned about the damage these wild animals cause to crops and the potential for feral swine to spread disease to healthy farm animals,” said PFB president Carl Shaffer. In addition, feral swine are a threat to other wildlife and their natural habitat and a potential danger to humans who encounter them,"

The Game Commission''s decision allows licensed hunters to take feral swine at any time in an effort to rid the state of these animals.

Source: Pennsylvania Farm Bureau