Workers pulled from Smithfield Packing Co.'s Tar Heel, N.C. pork plant could be facing some strict penalties. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid detained 29 current or former Smithfield workers. The raid actually involved the plant and several surrounding homes.

Among the penalties, the workers face two years in prison and $250,000 if convicted of identity theft and other immigration violations, according to prosecutors. The U.S. Attorney's office in Raleigh, N.C., has filed such charges against the workers, reports

Of the 29 people, 28 were immigrants. Another individual was placed in state custody. Authorities report that 25, all of Hispanic origins, have been charged. The remaining four are scheduled for removal proceedings, which means that will be deported.

The all-too-familiar charges are that the 25 defendants entered the country illegally and presented stolen names and Social Security numbers to obtain jobs.

"Theft of an individuals' identity where one assumes another person's name, Social Security number, or other critical information, compromises our security and can cause untold problems for the real owner of that information," said U.S. Attorney E. B. Holding in a news release. "It is particularly troubling when individuals come to this country illegally and then prey upon others while here."

Source: Immigration and Customs Enforcement,