When Operation Main Street’s David Hardin spoke to a Kiwanis Club in Indianapolis, Ind., this summer, his message about current pork industry issues reached far beyond the meeting room. After a reporter from the Indianapolis Star covered the event, Business Week picked up on the story and reprinted it for a national audience.

“Since it can seem almost impossible to drum up interest among the local media to cover pork industry stories, I was pleasantly surprised that this story snowballed the way it did,” says Hardin, who manages Hardin Farms near Danville, Ind., an operation that has been in the family for three generations. “No one can tell the pork industry’s story better than producers can, and it has been gratifying to receive a lot of positive comments about the speech and the article.”

Hardin, who has been a member of the Indiana Pork Producers Association board of directors since 2005, is responsible for his family’s 600-sow farrow-to-finish unit that produces 12,000 pigs annually. When he had the opportunity to join the National Pork Board’s  Operation Main Street program several years ago, he wanted to try to make a positive difference for the pork industry. 

“With our farm’s close proximity to a metropolitan area like Indianapolis, I have an opportunity to educate people about the ways we operate our business and protect the environment,” says Hardin, who notes that Indianapolis is a 40-minute drive from the farm. “We need to inform our customers about modern pork production, because these folks are voters who could influence our industry’s future.”

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