The nearly 800 participants in the National Pork Board’s Operation Main Street program continue to help get pork’s and pork producers’ message out to the public, and build understanding about modern pork production.

What’s more, media is helping spread the word further.  Recognizing the news value of the pork industry's message, reporters are increasingly attending OMS presentations. First-quarter media coverage of OMS speeches and news interviews with OMS speakers reached an audience of more than 4.5 million people through 44 print stories, 10 radio interviews and four television interviews, reports NPB.  

What’s more, the new “OMS 2.0 program” is reaching influential groups, such as dietitians, foodservice sale representatives, county commissioners, economic development groups and veterinary students, according to NPB officials.

To qualify for OMS 2.0 training, participants must have completed the OMS program and have given several speeches. As of May, 43 people had been trained in OMS 2.0, and in total, had given more than 100 presentations.

"OMS 2.0 is important because you're speaking to people who can have a significant impact on the pork industry," says Bill Kessler, OMS 2.0 speaker. He runs Kessler Farms in Mexico, Mo.  "For example, dietitians can pass on what they learn to patients, thereby increasing our reach to U.S. consumers. Also, county commissioners, another important audience, have tremendous clout when it comes to county regulations and ordinances that can make or break pork production."

Source: NPB