Ontario’s pork producers are disappointed by a ruling today from the U.S. Department of Commerce imposing a final dumping deposit rate of 12.68 percent on Ontario Pork’s live hog exports to the United States. This rate is lower than the preliminary rate of 13.25 percent announced October 2004.

Each mandatory respondent received its own rate and a weighted average of 10.63 percent was imposed on “all other” live swine exports.

“We are encouraged that the rate has been reduced, but we will not be satisfied until the duty is removed permanently,” says Larry Skinner, chair of Ontario Pork. “Ontario hogs are fairly traded, and this case is not yet over.”

Tomorrow Ontario Pork will present its case on final injury to the International Trade Commission. The organization claims to have strong arguments that U.S. producers have not been injured. The final ruling in that case will be in April.

If the Canadians are successful, the duties will be terminated and funds already paid through the Marketing Operations Fee will be returned to producers. If the ITC rules that the U.S. industry has been injured by Canadian live swine exports, the DOC will issue an antidumping order and ultimately will assess final antidumping duties.

Ontario Pork