If you overeat and gain weight, you'll have to rely on diet and exercise – not a lawsuit – to solve the problem under legislation approved by an Oklahoma House of Representatives committee.

House Bill 3082, by State Rep. Dale DeWitt, creates the "Commonsense Consumption Act" to "prevent frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers, packers, distributors, carriers, holders, sellers, marketers or advertisers of food products."

House Bill 3082 would protect agricultural and food producers from lawsuits filed by individuals making a claim "arising out of weight gain, obesity, a health condition associated with weight gain or obesity, or other generally known condition allegedly caused by or allegedly likely to result from long-term consumption of food."

However, lawsuits could still be filed against companies that deliberately mislead the public.

House Bill 3082 passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and will next go before the entire Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Oklahoma House of Representatives