Officials at the World Organization for Animal Health-- aka the OIE-- report that the international group will study meat production's potential impact on climate change. OIE is hoping to find some middle ground between the divisive points of view that have emerged on the issue, reports Reuters.

This marks the first time that the Paris-based organization has decided to examine an environmental issue and officials report that it's in response to requests from OIE's member countries.

Internationally, environmentalists — including the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization — have focused on meat as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, many entities are calling for a global reduction in  meat consumption. 

Now in response, OIE Director-General, Bernard Vallat, says his organization will look at all of the issue's complicated aspects. Among the items to consider is the wisdom of cutting back on meat, milk and egg production at a time when the world's growing population demands more protein.

"There is not yet a scientific model that can prove that our planet could do without milk, eggs or meat," Reuters quoted Vallat as saying.

In the end, expectations are that the OIE study also would recommend areas needing subsequent research to limit any effects of livestock and meat production on the environment, finding solutions and answers versus bans.