Earlier this year, Ohio officials and the Humane Society of the United States hammered out an agreement that would impact animal care regulations in the state. The deal was created as an alternative to a ballot initiative.

However, the incoming director of agriculture wants to take another look at the agreement.
James Zehringer, a former poultry farmer who's been a state lawmaker the past three years, recently told reporters that there are a lot of questions surrounding the proposed new regulations.

His biggest concern is that the proposed regulations could make it too costly for new farm owners who want to get into the business by forcing them to make changes to existing farms, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Changing or canceling the agreement most likely would lead to a statewide vote that the agriculture industry tried to avoid. That's why Zehringer and incoming Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich will move carefully before deciding whether to make any revisions.

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Source: Bloomberg Businessweek