"The Oprah Winfrey Show" to air on Oct. 14, is scheduled to feature a discussion of California's Proposition 2 voter referendum which will appear on the state's November ballot. Other related issues also will be addressed. Reports are that there will be on-air input from three "protein-industry veterans" as well as Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States president, also with other animal-welfare activists.

"The overarching idea was (to discuss) where does food come from and how does it get to your table; although Prop 2 was the dominant theme," says Bryan Scott, chief operating officer of Dutch Valley Foods in South Holland, Ill. Scott, was accompanied by a pork producer and an egg producer, to participate in the discussion.

Scott told Meatingplace.com that the treatment of the topic related to the animal production sector was "balanced" and "fair." He also reported that as each animal producer offered his perspective, upon which the show turned to Pacelle for his point of view, "which is understandable." In the end, Scott acknowledged that Pacelle did receive more air time than any individual industry representative.

Scott said, "I wasn't totally thrilled" by the direction the discussion took, but "it's going to be a piece (in which) nothing is shown or said that's will have any shock or awe value...nothing that is really going to stick with consumers. People will probably see it and talk about it the next day, then move on.

'It's hard to say how it's going to look, but seeing the decisions (Oprah) made in taping the studio she was very interested in seeing balance," he concluded.

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Source: Meatingplace.com