A new section on the National Pork Board's Web site is aimed at helping producers optimize feed costs and maximize production efficiencies. The Nutritional Efficiency section includes information about the recently founded nutritional efficiency consortium; the consortium’s research and activity priorities; research funded by the consortium; and a subsection with links to additional information or resources. 

In all, 24 organizations have joined to form the nutritional efficiency consortium. Included in those are state pork associations, state and national corn grower associations and several allied industry partners. The objectives are to determine research and producer educational opportunities that will help alleviate the pork production's rising costs, specifically costs related to feed, as well as how to maximize growth and performance efficiencies. The program’s specific objectives can be found on the introductory page online. 

Among the resources available today are video and audio presentations offered at the "Distillers Grains: Implications for the U.S. Pork Industry Conference," which took place in November 2006 in Des Moines, Iowa. 

The nutritional efficiency consortium approved funding for 11 research projects in 2007, totaling more than $560,000. These projects are listed on the Web site. As research is completed, applicable tools that result will be available through this site, as well as other National Pork Board tools. Approximately $600,000 in funds will be available for research in 2008. 

The Nutritional Efficiency section can be found online at www.pork.org.

Source: National Pork Board