Responsibility and accountability are key issues that lead to the success of an individual or a business, according to a leading food retailer nutrition marketing executive. The comments were made last week in an address to an audience of pork industry leaders.

“Kellogg does everything it can to maintain a responsible image,” says Jennifer Garrett, director, nutrition marketing for the Battle Creek, Michigan-based food company.

The comments came in a keynote address at the 1st Annual Responsible Pork Symposium, held in Indianapolis and sponsored by Pork magazine, Center for Food Integrity, Purdue University and Michigan State University.

“I’m pleased to see that efforts by the pork industry to step forward and to pro-actively communicate what you are doing and the benefit of that to the consumer,” Garrett said. “I encourage you to stay grounded in science and be able to interpret that science so the consumer can relate to the benefit.”

“We need to be responsible to not just our customers, but to everyone,” she continued.
“If you take into account other peoples point of view when discussing responsibility, it opens up the dialog and pushes you toward results,” Garrett added. “Be open and listen to the other point of view”.

Other topics of panel-based discussion at the symposium included animal welfare, environment, human capital, consumer trends and food safety.