A national comprehensive nutrient management development course has been set for Feb. 25-27 in Louisville, Ky. The CNMP development course is designed to prepare consultants for USDA certification as technical service providers through Iowa State's national certification program.

Iowa State University's agricultural and biosystems engineering department and the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service are offering the course.

Technical service providers assist in conservation practice planning and design, installation and inspection of approved conservation practices. NRCS will continue to provide these technical services; however, USDA/NRCS program participants may request the use of a TSP to complete conservation practices.

The Comprehensive Nutrient Management Course includes training in the areas of feed management, manure and wastewater storage and handling, nutrient management and land treatment.

Information about the course, lodging and registration is available at: http://www.ucs.iastate.edu/mnet/cnmp/home.html. Those interested in becoming a CNMP Technical Service Provider can learn more at: http://www.abe.iastate.edu/wastemgmt/cnmp-curriculum.html

Source: Iowa State University