National Pork Producers Council's Science and Technology director, Jennifer Greiner, DVM, attended the recent meeting of the World Organization for Animal Health  in Cairo, Egypt. Greiner served as the representative for the U.S. pork industry.

During the conference, OIE leadership reiterated its role on animal welfare issues, connecting good animal welfare with good animal health. The organization’s two main welfare areas of concern are long transport and humane slaughter of food animals. OIE priorities on animal welfare include:

  • Support development and implementation of legislation.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance.
  • Promote practical research.
  • Collaborate with veterinary services, industry, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders.
  • Develop an OIE regional animal welfare strategy.

While OIE representatives from several countries expressed the need for legislation to codify animal welfare standards, U.S. representatives continued to call for education and training and industry-developed codes of practice based on sound science. The International Meat Secretariat and the International Dairy Federation gave presentations that were aligned with the U.S. position of allowing existing industry standards to work.

Source: NPPC