Citing her outstanding contributions to the pork industry, the National Pork Producers Council has inducted Donna Reifschneider, a producer from Smithton, Ill., into NPPC’s Hall of Fame. The announcement was made at the pork industry’s annual meeting held March 6-8 in St. Louis.

Reifschneider had a farrow-to-feeder pig operation and currently produces row crops. Reifschneider became NPPC’s first female president in March 1998 and was instrumental in helping the U.S. pork industry recover from a disastrous economic downturn. In addition to instituting a recovery plan for the industry, she aggressively pursued efforts to eradicate psuedorabies, led the charge to open more international markets to U.S. pork products and dealt with food safety issues, helping develop a trichinae certification program.

Reifschneider also helped promote the then-new Pork Quality Assurance program. “Donna Reifschneider was a pioneer for women in the pork industry and led it through some trying times,” said Jill Appell, president of NPPC.“She has been a friend and mentor, and for her wisdom, leadership, vision and strength, she has been inducted into the NPPC Hall of Fame.”

Source: NPPC