Nick Giordano, trade counsel for the National Pork Producers Council, said the new World Trade Organization rounds will hold opportunities for increased pork exports.

An agreement with Chile will likely be the first agreement for U.S. pork in the new round of negotiations, Giordano said at a World Pork Expo press conference. If all goes well, the United States could use the agreement with Chile as a starting point to other markets in Central and South America.

Giordano said it looks like U.S. poultry is starting to flow back to Russia. Also, the United States is still fighting to eliminate the dumping order from Mexico, alleging the United States has been dumping hogs onto the Mexican market.

He also noted that NPPC officials have been meeting with Canadian officials, in an attempt to align North American production and slaughter.

Giordano says he feels that the vast majority of pork producers understand the importance of trade and said NPPC had recently been in the Ag Coalition for Trade Promotion Authority.

National Pork Producers Council