The Bush administration, with help from the National Pork Producers Council, is retaliating against the European Union’s illegal ban on U.S. beef imports. It has been decided to keep certain pork cuts on the list of European Union products on which the United States will impose a 100 percent tariff.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced that fresh and frozen hams, shoulders and some other cuts will remain on the retaliation list the United States first initiated in 1999. Added to the list are pork ribs from Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden. USTR also expanded the retaliation on bone-in dried and smoked hams and shoulders from France to all E.U. countries except the United Kingdom.

In comments submitted to USTR last month, NPPC urged that pork products continue to be included as part of the retaliation, which commenced after a World Trade Organization panel found that the E.U. ban on imports of U.S. beef from cattle treated with hormones was illegal under WTO rules. The E.U. refused to end the ban, and the WTO authorized the U.S. to retaliate by raising import duties on $116.8 million of EU products.

Source: NPPC