Recognizing that agriculture is a key component of a healthy rural economy, the Nebraska Pork Producers Association is taking steps to encourage the economic revitalization of the state’s rural communities by bringing youth back to the farm – and into the rural communities.

In collaboration with University of Nebraska extension personnel, the NPPA has created a program that strives to bring added value to communities, the environment and today’s farm families.

The Nebraska Model is a way of doing business that makes pork production compatible with neighbors, contributes to a community’s social and economical goals and gives youth a way to stay on the farm – and in rural Nebraska.

The Nebraska Model offers a blueprint for a more sensible, sustainable approach to pork production. It helps producers create economic opportunity without having to acquire more land and displace grain producers in the process. The Model also provides alternatives that can help regain lost markets for feed grains and sets standards for an environmentally sound, business-based approach to management and profitability in the pork industry.

For more information on the Nebraska Model, contact the NPPA, (888) 627-7675 or


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