For years, the pork industry’s flagship promotional slogan, ‘The Other White Meat’ has led the way for positioning pork among U.S. consumers. While the well-known tag line has been effective in increasing consumer awareness, its effectiveness is slipping.

“A main goal of the National Pork Board this year will be to refresh and re-position the image of pork among U.S. consumers,” says Tim Bierman, NPB president. “It is key to increasing domestic pork demand and to keeping U.S. pork producers competitive.”

‘The Other White Meat’ slogan is no longer motivating consumers to buy more pork,” says Cici Snyder, NPB vice president of domestic marketing. “While we have no intent to abandon the slogan, we will present an evolution of the brand.” Snyder expects the new pork campaign to be unveiled in March, 2011.

Meanwhile, transitional advertising planned for the remainder of 2010 will feature the familiar pork brand logo while reducing the emphasis on ‘The Other White Meat’ slogan. “This transitional period will allow us to refine and test the new brand effort,” says Snyder.

Snyder expects the campaign to develop a new brand voice for promotion of U.S. pork that will “speak with confidence without comparing our product to other meats.”

Snyder expressed optimism in the effectiveness of the new pork promotion message currently in development. “We’re confident that the new brand position for pork marketing will be right for pork producers and right for consumers who love our product.”