Porcine reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus has a severe economic impact for swine producers. The last economic analysis of the impact of PRRS to the industry showed a yearly cost of $560 million U.S. dollars (Neumann et al. 2005). Since that time, many aspects of pork production have changed and different attitudes toward disease control and elimination strategies are now impacting subsequent actions.

In order to account for these industry changes and to provide updated economic impact information regarding the PRRS virus, the National Pork Board is seeking proposals to be submitted to address this specific issue. NPB is requesting proposals that address the issues listed below under Desired Outcomes.

The maximum funding amount for the proposal is $80,000. The specific desired outcome for a proposal follows.

Desired Outcomes:

Information that is needed from the economic analysis/impact study:

1. What is the individual farm economic impact of a PRRS virus infection for naïve and previously infected herds?
a. Include model economic impacts for infection in both naïve and previously infected herds
b. Breeding herds
c. Nursery/Finishers:
i. Economic impact of lost premium revenue to full value market hogs (culls, lights, and mortalities)
ii. Increased cost of production due to needed additional space (associated with slower growth performance/ADG)

2. What is the overall yearly national impact of PRRS virus infection to the U. S. pork producers? (utilize available data for assumptions for overall national prevalence)
a. Quantify the impact by range of severity of an outbreak
i. <5 percent variance in normal operating production parameters
ii. 5-15 percent variance in normal operating production parameters
iii. >15 percent variance in normal operating production parameters
b. What is the economic impact for taking herds negative?
i. costs of going negative initially (herd rollover/depopulation, repopulation; offsite breeding projects, etc.)
ii. costs associated with prevention of infection

Information should be gathered from current source data, utilizing any one or a combination of literature review, producer surveys, and production and packer data. Data should be analyzed with industry acceptable and statistically valid economic software programs.

Proposals should not exceed $80,000. The deadline for submission of proposals is Aug. 3 by 5 p.m. Central Daylight Time. The economic analysis completion target date is the Feb. 1, 2011.

Questions regarding this call for proposals should be directed to Lisa Becton, DVM, director of swine health information and research at (515) 223-2791 or by email at lbecton@pork.org.

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Source: NPB