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The National Pork Board will host two commodity roundtables and dozens of presentations about National Pork Checkoff programs during World Pork Expo–scheduled for June 10-12 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. 

At the Pork Checkoff Café, located in the Cattle Barn, NPB will offer commodity roundtables at 1 p.m. on Thursday and 1 p.m. on Friday. 

“These roundtable discussions will update pork producers on the economics and production of soybeans, corn, beef and pork, and what it all means to pork producers,” says Craig Christensen, NPB president. “These checkoff-based information sessions are designed to help producers better understand the current economic and production situation for pork and other related commodities.”

The roundtables also will be broadcast live on the Brownfield Network, as well as a live Web cast available by logging on to

Throughout the exhibit hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, NPB will present dozens of brief informational sessions about pork checkoff programs. There will be new pork product samples available as well.

“Pork producers will want to visit the Pork Checkoff Showcase to learn more about programs funded through their checkoff, and register for prizes,” notes Christensen. 
Those include a John Deere Gator and a barbecue grill, as well as tickets to an ARCA race, where producers can see the pork checkoff-sponsored race car driven by Frank Kimmel. 

Among the briefings that will be provided, include discussions on:
* Increasing domestic per capita demand for pork
* Increasing export demand for U.S. pork
* Establishing science-based standards from which the pork production industry may be fairly measured
* Providing knowledge and opportunities that allow producers to be competitive

For information on any checkoff-funded programs or to request up to two free admission tickets for World Pork Expo (a $16 value), pork producers can call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at (800) 456-PORK between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or send an e-mail, including their producer ID and current mailing address, to by May 28, 2004.