The National Pork Board has announced a meeting this week at World Pork Expo in Des Moines. The board will meet Thursday afternoon at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and will take the next steps in its planning process for 2009.

The board earlier this year identified five critical issues for 2009. They are:
• The competitive advantage for U.S. pork
• The safeguard and expansion of international markets
• Domestic pork expenditures
• The trust and image of the industry and its products
• Human Capital - the development of producer leadership and technical advisors and the growth of a quality workforce.

Additionally, the board will identify desired outcomes from each of those critical issues. When the board completes its work, producer-led committees and NPB staff will begin developing tactics to achieve the outlined goals. In addition, the board will get progress reports on other major 2008 goals.

Source: NPB