Through the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Initiative the National Pork Board has funded a PRRS virus open reading frame -- or ORF -- 5 database. This consists of PRRS virus ORF5 nucleotide sequence data that diagnostic laboratories generate based on field samples.

Participating diagnostic laboratories have entered field data, including the date and state or country, year of isolation, the nucleotide sequence and other additional notes. The software allows the user to compare the sequence with others in the database in several formats to assist with further analysis.

The database has allowed the research community and veterinarians to understand the variability of the ORF5 sequence between and within the European and North American-like isolates, say organizers. The information is useful in determining where and when an isolate is first sequenced, when it was last found, and how unique it is. The database is accessible at

The information could be helpful in vaccine targeting, drug design and selection, organizers say. Field observations, such as respiratory or reproductive disease and severity of signs, prior exposure and more detailed geographical location of the outbreak, would give veterinarians and producers better tools to manage the disease.

For more information on the PRRS database, contact Pam Zaabel at or at (515) 223 2791.

Source: AASV/ National Pork Board