A new partnership to improve nutrient utilization of swine has been announced by the National Pork Board and the Illinois Pork Producers Association. The partnership will sponsor swine industry research on distillers’ dried grains and other biofuel co-products. The Illinois Corn Marketing Board will also be a partner in the consortium effort.

The consortium sets research priorities and recommends funding for research projects that study ways to reduce feed costs and maximize production efficiencies.  NPB’s programming budget for nutritional efficiency efforts is $500,000.  The ICMB has dedicated up to $500,000 of its 2008 budget to develop and improve DDGS for the pork and livestock industry.

The National Corn Growers Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association and Kansas Corn Growers Association are also members of the consortium.

“The bottom line is that corn growers benefit by understanding how they can make their product and by-products better for pork producers and pork producers benefit by understanding how they can use co-products more efficiently.” said Mark Boggess, director of animal sciences for NPB. 

“This partnership will ensure that industry priorities for both pork and corn are addressed and we are eager to get started,” says Ron Gray, ICMB chairman. Brian Sturtevant, president of the Illinois Pork Producers added, “this is an opportunity for industry stakeholders to leverage combined funding for the good of everyone involved”. 

The NPB Consortium and the ICMB are currently in the process of reviewing research proposals for 2008.  Funding decisions will be made in early March.

More information on the nutritional efficiency consortium can be found at http://www.pork.org/PorkScience/NutritionalEfficiency/NutritionalEfficiency.aspx.

Source: NPB