With traceability and process verification becoming more common in the livestock industry, a Johnston, Iowa-based company is ready to assist the feed and grain industries in adopting process-verification practices to meet this increasing demand. Novecta, formed by the Illinois and Iowa Corn Growers Associations in 2001, provides training on USDA's Process-Verification Program and other quality-management systems consistent with ISO 9,000 principles.

“BSE is driving the demand for quality-assured systems within the livestock industry. We are now seeing the need for such systems within the grain and feed industry,” says Brian Buckallew, Novecta managing director. “USDA-PVP can help feed millers and grain merchandisers meet their customers' needs for process-verified grain and feedstuffs. It also offers improved business efficiencies and prepares these businesses for markets that value quality-assured processes.”

“Leading our efforts in this area will be Gary DeLong, who recently joined Novecta as project manager serving the feed, grain and livestock industries,” Buckallew adds. DeLong is a veteran of the feed and livestock industry, including positions with Nutrena Feeds, Growmark, Moorman’s, Feed Management Systems and DFS.

The Novecta mission began with a focus on training producers to verify their production practices in a manner consistent with an ISO 9,000 system, ensuring a safe, high-quality product that brings value to the marketplace. The organization prepares growers to serve markets that place additional value on quality assurance in the production of food, feed and industrial products.

To learn more about USDA's Process Verification Program and training that Novecta offers, visit www.novecta.com or contact Buckallew at (515) 225-9242.

Novecta also offers training and verification on best-management practices for growing and managing value-enhanced crops. The training can be administered via the Internet or as instructor-led classes hosted by feed millers, elevators, grain processors or other businesses involved in the feed or value-enhanced grain industries who are interested in delivering the information to producers in their supply chain.

Source: Novecta