Pseudorabies has reared its ugly head in North Carolina. The state's Department of Agriculture officials have notified their counterparts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that wild hogs captured there have tested positive for pseudorabies.

While testing wild hogs in the area for PRV has occurred for several years, this is the first appearance of the disease. Park officials have removed more than 200 wild hogs this year alone, reports the Smoky Mountain News.

Wild hogs aren’t actually native to the United States, but arrived with European settlers. Wild hogs have long been a source of significant concern to the U.S. pork industry and officials trying to keep the nation free of PRV.

Making matters worse, Park rangers say they believe that domestic hogs have been released into the wild population by people who are concerned about the eventual eradication of wild hogs. Hunting wild hogs has been an growing sport in several states.

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