A New Jersey appellate court has rejected actions by a coalition of animal rights and food-safety groups to block new state standards related to the humane treatment of farm animals, reports Meatingplace.com.

Farm Sanctuary initiated the appeal on regulations that the New Jersey Agriculture Department recently adopted that addressed some animal care, rearing and marketing processes. 
Farm Sanctuary argued that some of the stipulations allowed inhumane practices. The activist coalition pointed to items such as trimming dairy cows' tails to facilitate milking, gestation-sow crates, veal-calf crates, force-feeding ducks to produce foie gras and transporting emaciated or downed animals to slaughter for human food.

However, Nancy Halpern, New Jersey's state veterinarian, refuted the charges, noting that federal law prohibits slaughtering downed cows; there are no veal-raising operations or foie gras production currently in the state.

Source: Associated Press, Meatingplace.com