The National Institute for Animal Agriculture office has relocated from Bowling Green, Ky., to Colorado Springs, Colo., a move initiated in January when NIAA contracted with the National Livestock Producers Association to house and provide management services.

 NIAA's office is now under the direction of Scott Stuart, Managing Director; Scharee Atchison, Director of Operations; and Katie Ambrose, Director of Membership. Other staff members include Teres Lambert, Director of Communications; Gale Johnson, Director of Special Projects; and Cora Newsom, Web Site Administrator.

Board Member Perry Mobley chairs NIAA's newly formed membership committee. This committee is diligently formulating strategies and tactics to help inform individuals and organizations of NIAA's mission and guiding principles. The ultimate goal, of course, is increased membership.

In summary, NIAA is now in a position to adapt to the new economy in an efficient manner that will allow us to provide the leadership that has been the hallmark of NIAA.
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Source: NIAA