The National Institute for Animal Agriculture condemns the downed animal treatment shown on a video reportedly taken at a packing company in California. Related to the same incident, NIAA applauds action taken to make the workers involved, responsible for their actions by charging them with felony and misdemeanor counts.
“The abuse recorded is an isolated incident and is not common practice within animal agriculture. NIAA stands for responsible treatment of livestock and therefore does not condone this incident,” Scott Stuart, NIAA chairman states. “We urge the USDA to fully investigate the downed animal incident and the undercover investigation.
“In addition, NIAA recommends that animal agriculture immediately report violations of food safety regulations and inhumane treatment of livestock to appropriate authorities.”
Animal care and well-being — in every step of the production and processing chain — is the focus of NIAA’s upcoming annual meeting, April 1-3, in Indianapolis, Ind.b“Our 2008 annual meeting theme ‘Animal Care and Well-Being: Facts Not Fiction’ is extremely timely,” Stuart says. The meeting will provide a forum for producers, livestock market owners and managers, animal health and management professionals, animal agriculture Extension specialists, meat processing leaders, regulatory authorities and all individuals involved in animal agriculture — cattle, swine, sheep, goats, poultry and equine — to exchange information and take an in-depth look at animal care and well-being, he points out.
Additional information about NIAA’s annual meeting is available at the NIAA Web site:,  or call NIAA at (270) 782-9798.

Source: National Institute for Animal Agriculture