National Farmers Union has outlined the organization's climate change priorities to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to underscore the significant role agriculture can play in climate change legislation.

In a letter to committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and Ranking Member James Inhofe, R-Okla., Roger Johnson, NFU president said he will be presenting the organization's climate change priorities and concerns to the Senate Agriculture Committee at a July 22 hearing.

Johnson said the following provisions will be presented as a starting point for consideration to the Agriculture Committee:

  • USDA is granted control and administration of the agricultural and forestry offset program.
  • Early actors are fully recognized.
  • No artificial cap is placed on domestic offsets.
  • Offset credits for carbon sequestration rates are based upon science.
  • Producers are permitted to stack environmental benefit credits.
  • Establishment of a static baseline.
  • Limiting leakage analysis to the confines of the United States.

"NFU urged members of the House to vote in favor of climate change legislation and in doing so hope to have demonstrated a constructive approach to working with leadership to pass a bill that works for farmers, ranchers and rural communities," Johnson said.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is today holding a hearing, "Economic Opportunities for Agriculture, Forestry Communities, and Others in Reducing Global Warming Pollution."

Source: NFU