National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson issued the following statement on the Renewable Fuel Standard regulations announced this week:

NFU appreciates the hard work the Obama Administration has put into crafting the final RFS rule in a way that will continue our path toward greater energy independence while creating economic opportunities in rural America. We appreciate EPA’s refinements to its analysis of the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions for corn ethanol after conferring with USDA and interested parties to better recognize corn ethanol’s benefit to reducing global warming.

That said we remain concerned that the RFS continues to place significant emphasis on the unsettled science surrounding the causes of emissions from indirect land use changes. The EPA continues to reassess lifecycle estimates, including indirect land-use, and acknowledges that scientific knowledge continues to evolve in this area.

It is unfortunate that farmers trying to be part of a domestic energy solution will be penalized for land use changes in other countries on which we can only offer estimates.

NFU has been engaged throughout the development of the RFS, submitting comments to EPA in September. NFU continues to seek federal policies that expand production of biofuels and provides opportunity for American farmers.