Newport Laboratories, Worthington, Minn., is offering a 10 million dose H1N1 match challenge to provide free vaccine to pork producers by partnering with third parties such as local, state and national pork organizations; government funding; and veterinary organizations. Under the dose-for-dose challenge match partnership, Newport would provide up to 20 million doses of a single-strain swine H1N1 vaccine, free to pork producers. The vaccine will be available through the pork producer’s veterinarian.

“This is a challenge match program to encourage third parties to participate in and support this effort,” says Randy Simonson, chief operating officer, Newport Laboratories.

“Research by a number of universities, USDA’s National Animal Disease Center, and our own   laboratory has shown that influenza virus strains found in pigs that are genetically similar (but not the same) to Novel H1N1 have a strong potential to cross-neutralize. A vaccine can be made from these strains now,” Simonson adds.

The Novel H1N1 virus does not appear to cause severe clinical signs in pigs, but there is ongoing concern regarding the potential for human-pig-human transmission – so a vaccination program   may be beneficial. Vaccinating the people working with pigs would reduce the potential for transmission in the first place, but this is slow in coming.

Newport’s rationale for taking on such a project is:

  1. Novel H1N1 is a human disease thrust upon the pork industry with the potential of going from humans to pigs with possible recombination back to humans. “This could potentially devastate our industry – and nobody wants this to happen,” Simonson notes. “We believe we have the tools available immediately to help prevent the spread from humans to pigs back to humans.”
  2. Production of autogenous vaccines could begin as soon as cross-neutralizing isolates are identified.
  3. This program is offered to encourage the producer to vaccinate all of their animals (not just sows) without additional expense except labor.
  4. Newport understands the negative perception that has prevailed regarding the pork industry and Novel H1N1. “We feel that this type of program could help restore public confidence,” Simonson says.

He further points out, “We (Newport) will be following all appropriate USDA regulations in offering this program, and will assist the attending veterinarian appropriately.

“Pork production is vitally important to the nation’s rural economy, and Newport wants to help with a solution by producing 10 million doses of free vaccine for this project,” he concludes.

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Source: Newport Laboratories