A Minnesota-based company announces a new technology for producing a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine, which offers greater antigen content as well as the option of including multiple strains. 

MJ Biologics, based in Mankato, Minn., has launched Selectigen MJPRRS Technology (patent pending) for producing PRRS viral-antigen concentrate subunit vaccine. The autogenous (custom) vaccine is produced using the Selectigen MJPRRS Technology. HanSoo Joo, DVM, professor at the University of Minnesota college of veterinary medicine, invented the technology. It is exclusively licensed from the University of Minnesota. 

This new process focuses on selectively harvesting and concentrating viral antigens from PRRS-infected tissue culture prior to assembling an intact virus. Under this new technology, cells are harvested at a point in time to achieve the optimum degree of incubation, harvesting and inactivation prior to releasing mature virus with intact envelopes. The individual viral-antigen components are then concentrated in a free form. The vaccine produced through the Selectigen MJPRRSTechnology process is able to maximize the viral-antigen content in the product. 

In field trials, autogenous vaccine that’s formulated using this new method offered cross protection against several different PRRS virus strains. On-site studies demonstrated protection against heterologous PRRS virus challenge. All of the field trials were conducted by independent veterinarians.

For instance, in trials including unvaccinated, PRRS-naïve gilts and vaccinated sows from a 5,000-sow farm, the study proved vaccines using the Seletigen MJPPRS Technology process provided much better cross-protection than has been shown with other PRRS-control strategies.  In these trials, the challenge viruses used were strains unrelated to those in the vaccine; they also differed from any strains to which the sows in the test herd had been exposed.

MJ Biologics has sublicensed the Selectigen MJPRRS Technology to Newport Laboratories, Worthington, Minn., to market and distribute autogenous biologics. Newport is currently accepting orders for custom products made from PRRS virus collected from affected swine herds.

For more information on the Selectigen MJPRRSTechnology, as well as subsequent autogeneous biologics, contact MJ Biologics at (507) 385-0299 or go to www.mjbio.com. You also can call Newport Laboratories at (800) 220-2522 and check out www.newportlabs.com

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