The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, formerly the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, has approved a new ventilation standard, ASABE- S565 OCT2005-- which is the Agricultural Ventilation Constant Speed Fan Test Standard. 

The new standard covers testing procedures and performance presentation of wall-mounted ventilation fans for livestock and poultry facilities, greenhouses and manure storage pit-ventilation fans.  It applies to constant-speed, unducted wall-mounted fans used for air exchange purposes.

This standard represents a milestone for ASABE as it is the first one adopted since the Society changed its name in July 2005.  Prior to this, standards developed by the nearly century-old organization were designated ASAE documents. Those standards will continue; however, all new standards will carry the new initials, ASABE.

ASABE is recognized worldwide as a standards developing organization for food, agricultural and biological systems, with more than 200 standards currently in publication. Conformance to ASABE standards is voluntary, and the documents are developed by consensus in accordance with procedures approved by the American National Standards Institute.

ASABE is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food and biological systems. Founded in 1907 and headquartered in St Joseph, Michigan, ASABE has 9,000 members representing more than 100 countries.