Permanent easements on six pork production operations in eastern North Carolina’s 100-year flood plain will be inked as soon as title work is finished. The buyouts range from $140,000 to $395,000. Bids on five other farms have been accepted by the state; those range from $60,000 to $900.000.

The money comes from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund’s $6.1 million earmarked for hog farm buyouts this year. This year’s 11 operations range from a 50-sow, farrow-to-finish farm up to a 3,672-head, feeder-to-finish operation.

In this program, a farm owner agrees to remove the hog buildings, clean out the farm’s manure lagoon and apply its contents on cropland at an agronomic rate. The owner will implement a conservation plan and place buffers on ditches and perennial streams.

The first round of the state’s flood-prone-farm buyouts began in 2000. That phase included 14 farms with 15 lagoons. The last farm is being closed down this month, with the owner receiving final payment.