Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp. has released MaxiVac Platinum with Emunade, the first combination vaccine for mycoplasma pneumonia and swine influenza virus with a USDA-approved label for reduced shedding of H1N1 and H3N2 flu viruses.

“Reduced viral shedding from the lungs and nasal passages may decrease exposure of the swine influenza virus to other animals, thereby shortening disease duration in the herd and improve control,” explains Robyn Fleck, a technical service veterinarian for Schering-Plough. “The SIV antigens in MaxiVac Platinum have also been shown to reduce pneumonia and clinical signs associated with the SIV H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes.”

Fleck notes that MaxiVac Platinum is produced using two field-proven SIV strains that have already been used in more than 75 million doses nationwide.

The classical H1N1 strain has been shown to cross-react with recent U.S. isolates. The H3N2 virus is a strain isolated from North American swine in 1999. It is genetically and serologically similar to the triple reassortant H3N2 viruses currently circulating in the U.S. swine population, Fleck adds.

The M. hyo component of MaxiVac Platinum is the same used in Schering-Plough Animal Health’s M+Pac mycoplasma bacterin. According to Fleck, that M. hyo antigen has been shown to provide protection in the presence of maternal antibodies, meaning that pigs don’t have to be maternal antibody-negative for the vaccine to be effective against mycoplasma pneumonia.

To comply with USDA’s stringent licensing requirements, Schering-Plough Animal Health performed three separate studies to evaluate the efficacy of each antigen in the presence of the other two. “These studies enabled our research and development scientists to detect any potential antigenic interference and balance the antigens for optimum immune response,” Fleck says.

MaxiVac Platinum is licensed for use in healthy pigs 5 weeks of age or older and should be administered by intramuscular injection. The product is packaged in 250 mL (125-dose), 100 mL (50-dose) and 50 ml (25-dose) vials.

For more information about M+Pac and the company’s line of swine health products, contact Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation, P.O. Box 3182, Union, N.J. 07083-1982. Phone: 888-262-7075. Fax: 908-629-3485. E-mail:

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