An Iowa man has received a 500-thousand dollar federal grant to mass-produce his invention -- a machine he contends removes the odor from hog manure.

Loran Balvanz of Eldora has come up with the Tempest dryer. It's designed to help solve water pollution and odor problems in Iowa's pork industry.

The machine removes water from manure by spinning it at a high speed. The water is vented through the top of the dryer and vaporizes in the outside air.

The process reduces the volume and weight of the manure making for easy collection of the remaining solids.

Balvanz developed the machine for his company, Global Resource Recovery Organization.

Company president Bill Flowers says a producer using the dryer each day could retain about 75 percent of the nutrients from hog manure. Since water is eliminated, producers will no longer need long-term storage for liquid manure. The smaller quantity left over can be stored on the farm and applied to fields as fertilizer when needed.

The Iowa company will work in tandem with Farm Pilot Project Coordination Inc., a nonprofit organization set up by USDA to implement manure treatment technologies.

The USDA grant money will pay for design and testing of the Tempest in animal feeding operations throughout North America.

Associated Press, WOI-TV