Obesity in America is a hot topic, with action and accusations coming from all sides.

One new attempt to tackle the issue from an information standpoint, is a new Web site by the Food Marketing Institute.

The site was designed to provide FMI members and consumers with in depth information on the subject, say FMI officials. It is divided into three topic areas:
1) obesity;
2) weight loss/weight control and dieting;
3) promoting a healthy lifestyle.

"With the majority of Americans being classified as 'overweight' or 'obese,' we found it important to design a tool to help FMI members and their customers explore the many components to this epidemic," says Dagmar Farr, FMI group vice president of legislative and consumer affairs. "Consumers seeking answers now will have a central resource to consult for the information that they need."

Among the other aspects of the site, it helps define obesity and provides information and resources to help consumers determine if they are at a healthy weight; and presents the National Institutes of Health's key recommendations for treating obesity. The site also includes information about health risks and economic costs associated with obesity; and recommended caloric intake and body mass index.

"I think consumers will find this Web site to be far-reaching," says Farr. "Obesity is a multidimensional issue, and this Web site covers the causes, solutions and everything in between."

You can view the FMI obesity Web site at http://www.fmi.org/health/

FMI, Meatingplace.com