The University of Nebraska will conduct classes later this month and in February on how to turn manure nutrients into better crops while protecting the environment. The classes are set at University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension offices on Jan. 27 and Feb. 2.

Livestock producers with waste-control facility permits received or renewed since April 1998 must be certified and are encouraged to attend. The workshops will help producers take advantage of the nutrient management planning requirements of Nebraska's Department of Environmental Quality.

Topics to be discussed will include

• Regulations as they relate to manure
• Managing manure nitrogen
• In-depth discussion of recordkeeping and reporting needs
• Manure, soil, and stalk sampling
• Application equipment calibration
• P-Index
• Areas of misunderstanding during inspections
• Manure marketing and value
• Winter spreading of manure

The registration fee for all day is $50 per farm plus $10 per additional farm participant(s) for lunch.

Read more.  For more information, contact Leslie Johnson at (402) 584-3818.

Source: University of Nebraska, The Associated Press.