The Nebraska legislature has unanimously passed a resolution endorsing 25 x ’25, becoming the second set of state lawmakers to endorse the renewable-energy vision. They went on the record in support of the following resolution:  By the year 2025, America’s agriculture and forestry lands will provide 25 percent of the energy consumed in the United States.
“Agriculture is our No.1 industry, and we see tremendous potential and enthusiasm for producing renewable energy from agriculture in this state,” says Sen. Bob Kremer (R-Aurora), who chairs the Legislature’s Agriculture Committee and pushed for the resolution's passage. “This is a vision that farm groups, environmentalists and university leaders can all rally behind,” he notes.
Last year, Nebraska was the country’s 3rd largest ethanol-producing state, and currently leads the nation in the number of ethanol plants under construction. Nebraskans also produce biodiesel from soybeans and electricity from methane digesters---utilizing livestock manure, while greatly reducing odors. Wind and solar power across the state offer additional opportunities for electrical generation.
In March, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman threw his support behind the 25 x ’25 vision, following similar endorsements by Governors in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Last year, the Colorado legislature passed a similar resolution to the one in Nebraska.
“The Nebraska endorsement is further evidence that excitement is building across the country as the 25x’25 Work Group helps local leaders form renewable energy alliances in 20 key states. We plan to keep working until this becomes a national goal,” says J. Read Smith, co-chair of the 25x’25 Work Group. 

“Americans don’t want to be at the mercy of oil imports from unstable parts of the world,” adds Smith. “Renewable energy can be produced right here at home----providing jobs, stimulating economic development and improving the environment. It’s a win, win, win.”

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