This year North Carolina State University will hold its annual Healthy Hogs Seminar at the Sampson Community College in Clinton, N.C. The date to remember is Friday, Oct. 26.
This year's program committee has selected several topics to address that are of particular interest and importance for today's pork industry. Among those topics will be discussions on communication; rodent control; Pork Quality Assurance Plus; ventilation, sanitation and pig processing; disease in growing pigs; and handling boar semen. 
To register for the Healthy Hogs Seminar or to get more information, contact Carla McKinney via e-mail is or (919) 515-4000
The per person registration fees are as follows: $50 individual registration, $45 if two to five people are paying with the same check, $40 for six or more people paying on the same check.
Source: North Carolina State University