After years of opposition to “a meat-processing lab” from vocal Raleigh, N.C., residents and repeated delays in approval by city officials, North Carolina State University has thrown in the towel. The complex would have been located on the Veterinary College farm at the edge of Raleigh.

Now, $4.5 of the $4.9 million appropriated for the new facility is to be used, with the state legislature’s approval, to erect a new intensive research and teaching center. The structure will have swine and poultry wings, with the option of adding cattle wing in the future. The new facility will be on an NCSU research farm several miles from Raleigh, near the Swine Educational Unit and the Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center.

The other $400,000 of the appropriation is to be used for building renovation and physical improvements in the Food Science Department on the NCSU campus. The balance will go for improvements on the Poultry Research Farm outside Raleigh.